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THE Xtreme Mosquito Killer™

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THE Xtreme Mosquito Killer™

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Get Rid of Those Pesky Bugs!

Mosquitoes are more than just a nuisance, they are carriers of disease and ruin your entire evening. LUCKILY, THE Xtreme Mosquito Killer™ uses state of the art technology to attract and trap mosquitoes! 

No more need for Chemical Repellant! 

How does it work?

Once connected, the ultraviolet light actives a strong draw of mosquitoes.  Once they are close enough, the vacuum sucks them in and neatly packs them at the bottom of the lamp.


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    • UV lamp and suction fan. Special ultraviolet LED attracts mosquitoes. 
    • USB Charging design
    • No toxic chemical use
    • Extremely quiet 
    • Wide coverage area
    • Easy to use and Clean! 

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