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Flint Match Fire Starter (Free Shipping)

Flint Match Fire Starter (Free Shipping) - Foreverity.Com | Foreverity Shop

Flint Match Fire Starter (Free Shipping)

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Perfectly Safe, Permanent Match

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This flint match starter will be a LIFESAVER for your next adventure!  It works anywhere, anytime.  No worries if it gets wet, your Flint Match Fire Starter will be there for you!

This is a must have for your trips, light weight and key chain attachable, you can be sure you can start a fire whenever and where you are.  This is also very helpful for emergency situations that you may find yourself in.  Better safe than sorry!

Pocket Survival Fire Starter – dealfoxx

VERSATILE! Not only is this device a helpful safety device, you can also choose a version with a bottle opener! Great for some relaxing canoeing/camping trips.

Keychain Flint Fire Starter - The Pink Mingo


Long Lasting! 

The container consists of high quality alloy.  The long life will last up to 15 000 strikes and also has a reusable/refillable container.



Composition Zinc Alloy
Colour Silver/Gold
Fuel Type

Kerosene, Gasoline or Lighter Fluid


2.4 x 0.75 x 0.63

Weight 50g
Package include 1 Keychain Flint Fire Starter





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