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Dishwashing Gloves VS Scrubbing Gloves, Which is better?

Washing dishes is an activity that stirs up many different emotions for everyone.  Some adore the activity, meanwhile, some despise the idea of having to wash differences.  In reality, no matter how you feel, it is a job that must be done. 

HOWEVER, as much as it is a necessity, how do you spice up the activity, so you do not dread washing dishes OR better yet, your partner does not dread it!

Now the first question you probably have is, ‘what’s the difference?’ Let us answer that for you!


1. What are Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves?


People usually have their standard sponge, brush or dishcloth … NOW … you have scrub gloves.  Made out of silicone, the scrub gloves have built in scrubbing bristles that can get those tough areas. 

Instead of grabbing an old sponge to scrub away at your dishes, you can simply put on these gloves and use your hand to scrub your dishes!  We have found that this is a more convenient and easier way that using a separate item.  You can get into washing dishes and not worry about getting wet or exposed to chemicals.

2. How to Use Magic Silicone Scrubbing Gloves.

Scrubbing gloves are characterized by soft bristles that are two-sided and extremely flexible. 

These gloves have many uses including the following:

  • Its most obvious use, scrubbing dishes!  Sue a small amount of dishwashing soap and rub them together, which will create cloudy foam to easily clean dishes
  • Wash your sink, toilet and other surfaces! (we highly recommend a different set of gloves for different uses)
  • Clean fruits and Vegetable
  • Clean your microwave/refrigerator/ovens where tough grime can build up

3. What are the Benefits?


  1. Protection from Chemicals: The most important and advantageous part of these gloves is that you create a barrier between your skin and harsh chemicals used in detergents.  ALSO, using hot or cold water will not have an effect on your skin with these gloves on!
  2. Provides better grip: Hate accidently dropping that soapy dish? The silicone gloves have a wonderful grasp to make sure that doesn’t happen again! (or at least less often) No more broken glass or dishes!
  3. Keeps your hands soft: Dishwashing seems to always disrupt the beauty of your hands, but now it doesn’t have to! The gloves take away your exposure to running water and dish soap.  No more worries of blemishes on your skin.

    This also helps protect against small cut that burn with soap and under the water.  No more infections or tough stings while washing dishes.
  4. Easy Storage: Let’s be honest, no one likes the eye soar of a dirty sponge or towel rag hanging out of the sink.  These gloves can be easily washed in your dish washer and put away, making sure you don’t have a that messy counter!




4. Where to Buy Scrub Gloves?





A very common question we received, where do we get these? When it comes to buying these gloves, you must make sure you are choosing the correct size, as with all gloves.  After you check that out, move to the quality of the gloves.  Low quality, cheap gloves tear and rip easily, which nobody wants!  You need to make sure you are getting what you pay for!

The best place for you to purchase your gloves is www.foreverity.com.  Confirmed BPA Free and high quality, the items that have been purchased from this store have glowing recommendations.  Made with care, make sure you are getting the quality you need!

5. What are Dishwashing Gloves?

Used for the same purpose as scrub gloves, dishwashing gloves are similar but have a different appearance, texture and utility.  While scrubbing gloves have silicone brushes to ease your dishing washing experience, dishwashing gloves are made of a tough latex (usually) material that lets you wash without having to touch the water or the sponge directly. The gloves are not sponges and are reusable, giving you an advantage over the standard sponge, however, they will need to be combined with some form of scrubbing/abrasive pad in order to achieve the same clean of the scrubbing gloves.

6. Benefits of Dishwashing Gloves.


The differences between the two gloves seem minute, however, the are vastly different products. One would choose dishwashing gloves for the barrier between their hands and the abrasive cleaning surface or sponge they are using to clean while Scrubbing gloves do that along side eliminating the need for an additional scrubbing surface.   Most people buy multiple of these gloves as they are not reusable.  Dishwashing gloves are actually more suitable for in the bathroom for things like scrubbing your toilet, tub, floor etc.



7. Which one to choose?


Finally, you do get down to the decision on which one to choose.  It really comes down to which one is more suitable for you. Scrub gloves are best used for pans, pots, plates, sinks, stubborn stains and overall dishwashing.  Whereas dishwashing gloves are more suitable to use those for are floors, showers and tubs etc. 

Make sure to buy whichever one is more suitable for your needs and enjoy it!


If you are looking for a quality silicone scrubbing glove, be sure to check out Foreverity's multiple colour options here. Currently on SALE for 50% OFF!





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